Saturday, August 7, 2010

Release Notes:

Version 18 (Release: ....soon)
1.Schedule, Play My Music( plays mp3 tracks of media)
"A must for busy life!"

Version 16/17
1.View scribbling in calendar(month active schedules)
2.Import a contact as scribbling
1.Editor call button for motorola droid
"A must for busy life!"

Version 15 (Released: September 19'2010)
1.Tag phone number/email id for follow up call/email
2.More options from edit
"A must for busy life!"

Version 14 (Released: September 05'2010)
1. Scribble notes and group
2. Tag phone number for follow up call.
3. Set alert, WEB SEARCH, status bar notifications
4. Scribble in groups
5. SMS scribbling
6. Schedule Google web search
7. Quick web view
8. Search scribbling
9. Voice memo notification
10. Email scribbling
10. Export/Import to media.
"A must for busy life!"

Version 12
* Fixed some minor issues

Version 11
1.Fixed few issues, please update thru download.
2.Planning a release which should adjust screen resolution for motorolo droid.
3. Release after 12, will have web search schedule in place of vibrate,(vibrate will be merged with alert, which will update status bar notifications)
4.Web search schedule is cool.. since you can plan a head and schedule a search in advance,
later at some point I will try aggregate the search results in list format for you to save in scribbling. -- please be noted search is google search.

5.Also exploring the google calendar integration for scribbled events
6.Future enhancements will have auto repeat reminders like for birth day events - this will be new use case with key event lists out side groups - a thought ?
7.Since we have released voice memo,I am planning to work on voice auto play back for scheduled calls.

Release Notes: Version 9
This is major release,
1.Improved performance
2.Record voice memo to play back at scheduled time - cool!
3.Search scribbling with new search screen
4.Quick view : Active alarm scribbling
5.Added system reserved groups: Export, Import
a.Export : To export mark scribbling group as Export
b.Import: Scribbling imported back to phone will be marked as ”Import “ group, you can move to other.

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  1. Current release 11

    *Working on scheduled web search for content aggregation